Saturday, June 2, 2012


We had a great HITTING game Thursday. Those girls should all be proud of themselves!

**EMERGENCY MEDICAL FORMS: I am still missing forms. We have had 2 (small injuries) at each game. Technically your child should not be playing without a form, ESPECIALLY if you will not be there. I will need them by Tuesdays game. Thanks for your prompt attention and understanding.

**DON'T FORGET TO CHECK THE SNACK SCHEDULE (prior blog post links are listed below for your reference-it's labeled Snack Schedule)!!

**MONDAY JUNE 4TH 5:45-8:45 Concession Stand Duty @ Wiess: 

One of the things our team is required to do is volunteer to work the concession stand. We have 3 hours on Monday to cover. I split it up into 1 hour increments. I still need volunteers. Please let me know if you will be able to cover 1 hour between 5:45-8:45. Thanks so much!

**INFIELD POSITIONS: If your child is playing an infield position on this rotation, please let me know if she will NOT be at a game. This way I will know for practice who will be filling in for her spot.

**Practice 6pm Tuesdays/Thrusdays
We will be using pre-game time to teach positions and making plays. Please make sure you daughter arrives at practice by 6:00 so we can avoid confusion (especially girls who are playing in the infield for this current rotation).

**THANK YOU to all the parents who helped out! I have received feedback from parents on who can help, but I would like to put a schedule out on who is helping on which days so as to avoid any confusion of who is in the field, coaching a base, pitching, or on the bench. Please let me know if you can help and specific dates that you can't help (it can only be for the next 2 weeks if you are unsure further out).

THANKS again for all your continued support!


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