Monday, May 14, 2012

What Does a BLUE JAY look like?

*I will have coupons at practice for:
                                 Dicks (misc. coupons) 
                                 Gymboree (30%, off shorts 5.99-13.99)

What does a Blue Jay WEAR? 
Couldn't find light blue socks @ Dicks. Did find Blue and/or Pink tye-dye @ Dicks $8*Courtney is wearing the shoulder cinches.  These are not required, but some girls wear them to stay cool during the hot summer. We got them @ Dicks for $3.99.

How does a Blue Jay FIELD A Ground ball?
*Knees bent. Bottoms up. Glove on the ground and free hand over top to stop the ball.  SMASH it into the glove.  Use that hand on the ball to throw it.

What does ready position look like?
*Knees bent. Hands on knees. Head up. Smile. Cheer your team on.

Did you say use TEA CUP fingers when lining up your bat with the ball?
*We will discuss at practice.  Use tea cup fingers to point straight forward when hitting the ball.  If the fingers are pointed down...wrong position.  If the fingers point up....wrong position.  They should be pointing forward.  (Use a T to practice batting.  It builds confidence and accuracy.

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